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to Maryland we go

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oh, friends. Is it possible to have a happy and a heavy heart at the same time? I say yes.

If you haven't seen on my facebook, we've got big news to share. We're moving to Maryland. Never thought I'd say that! (In the words of a brain-dead friend, I get to live in New England now! hehe. )

We're very sad to leave our sweet home and our wonderful community of friends. We've been in this hard place before - last November I quit my job and looked at places to live in Warrenton - but then we miraculously got to stay in Harrisonburg. For a little while, at least! I know it's been hard to keep up with all the job changes. So here's the breakdown: Andy was hired by Kellogg's in July, lived and worked in NOVA for five months, moved back home in January and worked in a new territory for the past month and a half, and is now getting ready to start a new job in Frederick on April 1st. I'm incredibly proud of Andy for getting a promotion so soon after being hired by Kelloggs. We're both blown away by how this job landed in his lap. God is good!

Neither of us know really anything about Frederick (though we've passed by it many times), but we will be an hour closer to my parents and a little less than two hours away from my family's cabin in PA. Plus, I've always wanted to explore Baltimore and Annapolis with Andy, and maybe take a weekend trip to St Michaels.

It's weird to think that a month and a half from now we'll be in a completely new home and a new city. I don't know how I feel about that! Ok, I'm mostly sad. But I'm excited, too. I'm glad that I get to share this adventure with a man I love and that we serve a God that we trust.

aaaand, if that wasn't crazy enough, I leave for Uganda TWO WEEKS from tomorrow! (If you think I'm in freak out mode, you're absolutely correct.) I went ahead and put in my two weeks notice, so when I come back from my trip I'll be able to spend the rest of March packing up the house and spending as much time with my friends as possible.

is this real life?