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favorite outfit

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favorite outfit

favorite outfit by laurarennie featuring chain jewelry

I've been thinking about my personal style a lot lately. Some days I really think about an outfit and put effort into accessorizing, but most days (especially work days) I just throw something together and don't bother changing earrings or wearing cute shoes. 

The outfit above combines almost all of my favorite things - it's only missing stud earrings, but hey, it's pretty close to perfect. It's an outfit I would wear in a second, and honestly looks like a lot of the outfits I put together. Minus the designer brands, of course.

I like to pair a cozy sweater (dolman-sleeves!!) with dark straight leg jeans and simple accessories that are both trendy and timeless. Those oxfords are BANANAS and are way cuter than mine, but I like mine anyway. 
Add a light plum polish and call it a day!