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weekending v.1

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Ahhh the weekend.

After work on Friday I met a friend for coffee at Target and bought the perfect oversized sweater. Then Andy and I cleaned up the office and upstairs guest room and I made some progress on my veryscarycloset while mentally smacking myself and vowing to never let it get this messy again. Andy spent the evening with friends and I contentedly curled up with a book I've read at least five times now.

before - 9:30 p.m. Friday

after - 9:30 a.m. Saturday (clearly a huge difference)
Saturday afternoon Andy and I made pretzels from my birthday Auntie Anne's pretzel-making kit. I love it when my man works in the kitchen. He scored even more points when he took me to Kyoto for dinner.
Thanks babe! :)

We don't do "home church" very often anymore, but it was nice to sleep in this morning and spend the morning cozied up on the couch with cups of coffee. We listened to a sermon on marriage by Mark Driscoll and had a sweet time in prayer. Carolyn came by with her precious baby girl, who cooed and smiled and stared at Andy. And then there was football and blogging and snuggles and puppy yawns. Perfect weekend.

half time snack - including my new favorite cracker

"We brought a possum into your house and it got out and it may have laid eggs in your bed. And it went it your kitchen and your bathroom and it touched all your bras." - Leslie Knope, Parks and Rec.