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got a few minutes? I promise you'll enjoy these:

This short story about a husband and wife and a creative writing class gave me chills. Even though Maya is a fictional character, I can't stop thinking about the second story she wrote.

Do you salivate or cringe when you see commercials for the KFC bowl? I salivate. Comedian Patton Oswald shares his thoughts on the bowl here (so well-written!) for example:
"It [the bowl] sat on the passenger seat next to me like a sullen runaway I'd picked up on the interstate..." "The Famous Bowl hit my mouth like warm soda, slouched down my throat, and splayed itself across my stomach like a sun-stroked wino."

Have you ever had a really bad day and you wished there was a self-help book that would address your specific problems? This girl had the same dilemma. Prepare to LOL. (the third from the bottom is the one I relate to the most)

I was crushed when Laskas discontinued writing a column for the Washington Post Magazine. I've been slowly picking my way through her column archives, and this one stood out to me. If you've ever had a dear friend move away (I've had too many to list here), or if YOU'VE been the one to move, you'll relate to this bittersweet story.

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