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girl's night

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Yesterday afternoon I slid my mix CD of The Format songs into my car's player and headed down the highway to Waynesboro. The days before held the excited, almost desperate e-mails and texts of girls ready to share victories, admit mistakes and simply be real with one another.

Kelly surprised me with some adorable handmade stationary and *gasp* the blue vintage earrings I had spotted at The Lady Jane the last time the two of us hung out. I left the shop without them, and Kelly drove back later that evening and bought them for me! Another perfect example of good gifting.

Confession - there is no way I deserve the awesome girls that I call my friends. they're way too amazing.

We had the best of intentions to do our nails, hit up a store or two and watch "Sabrina" with our friend Amber, but as always, we had too much to chat about to do anything else for five and a half hours (except eat lots of bread and chocolate, of course). We finally turned the movie on and snuggled together under a blanket, giggling about bad breath and rumbly stomachs - the perfect end to the perfect evening.

if you haven't seen "Sabrina" (the 1995 version), I'd be more than happy to loan it to you. just don't tell me if you don't like it, because then I'll have to shake some sense into you.