Laura Rennie

unveiling my chili recipe

Laura R.Comment
I found a variation of this recipe back in the spring when I began prepping for our church's chili cook-off. I don't remember where I found it - it was a random cooking blog - and the recipe was titled "Taco Soup." I thought it sounded like it could just as easily be called a chili. I tested the recipe over and over and over, tweaking the ingredients every time. I ended up with this. It's quick, and it's delicious. 

**I now use two cans of condensed tomato soup, and add only one can of water. We love this soup so much that we try to stretch it as far as it can go, which often means adding more beans the next day! We also now use a full tablespoon of hot sauce instead of two teaspoons.**

oh, and if you're EXTRA curious, I never ended up entering the chili in the cook-off. FAIL. I know. It was all ready to go, but the cook-off was cancelled at the last minute because of the snow/power outage back in October. The cook-off was rescheduled, but we were in Tampa and missed it. ah well.