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Two weeks ago I wrote about seeing a friend perform at JMU at the Rumble Down Under competition. That friend is the lovely Annie Lawrence. Annie leads worship at Aletheia and she just came out with an EP titled "Light Is Stronger," which is available on iTunes.

Last night I saw Annie perform at Clementine Cafe. It was so fun to be able to sing along this time, especially to my favorite - "All This Time." 

Maybe I'm not quite what you imagined
Maybe I'm not the girl of your dreams
How will you know if you never try
What if I'm the one you've been waiting for
All this time?

Annie, you're a rock star. I'm blessed to know you!

The other performers at Clementine were great, too. I had to get my hands on Andrew Rohlk's CD "A Little Less Rough" - it's not on iTunes but you can listen here.

He is unreal. He's opening for Ingrid Michaelson tomorrow night at JMU - that was his prize for winning last year's Rumble Down Under competition, which Annie won this year! 

The main show was Big Creek Revival, and they killlled it. I only got to stay for a few songs, but I definitely want to see them again. It's two guys and two girls, all from JMU, and their voices melt together into perfection. Check out BCR's version of Someone Like You by Adele here.