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birthday brunch

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Andy called me in early December and suggested that he take me to The Little Grill for a birthday breakfast on the 3rd. He knew we'd be in NOVA w/ my parents for my actual birthday, so he thought I might enjoy a little "just the two of us" time. I was so thrilled - he knows I've always wanted to go to The Little Grill for breakfast, and it's not the kind of restaurant he'd normally pick. (I say this because Andy likes to stick with what he knows he likes.)

So it's the morning of the 3rd and I come down the stairs, ready to go. Andy is busy perusing the restaurant's breakfast menu. He frowns.

"Babe... I don't think I want to go after all. It doesn't sound very good. They don't have many options." (In his defense, the menu has a lot of vegetarian options, which don't appeal to Mr. Carnivore.)
"But babe, everyone LOVES their breakfast! Besides, breakfast is breakfast - every place is going to have the same kind of thing - like pancakes, eggs, etc," I argued.
"But... I just don't think I'll like it. Do we have to go?"

I remember trying not to look as disappointed as I felt. I said it was fine, and that we could go to IHOP (his fav breakfast place). We had a nice time, but it didn't feel like "my" birthday date.

A few days later, after I had thought and prayed about it, I confessed to Andy that I was disappointed about our cute date being changed, and that I regretted not voicing my opinion more. We agreed that we would have a dinner date in NOVA on Saturday the 10th to make up for it.

The 10th rolls around, and all day I was racking my brain trying to come up with a place for us to have our date. But nothing was sounding good (probably because our dinner on Friday night was so filling/amazing). Andy mentioned that he was craving pizza, and I said "NO WAY are we having PIZZA for my birthday date!" But then around 5 p.m. I realized that what I wanted the most was to put pjs on, order pizza and snuggle up in front of a show. I said "OK... if we get pizza instead of going out tonight then we should go to The Little Grill for breakfast next Saturday (the 17th)."

Andy laughed and said "is your birthday ever going to end?" :) (nope!)

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Yesterday morning we headed downtown, first for a trip to the Farmer's Market and then to The Little Grill. Andy ordered pancakes, sausage and spicy potatoes, and I had french toast, bacon and spicy potatoes. Holycannoli it was fantastic! He admitted right away that he had been wrong about the food.

We had such a blast. The restaurant's atmosphere is so fun, and it had been years since I had been inside the place (it was Andy's first time). Many of the tables have old school trivia games on them, so we played "Christmas Trivia" and I won. ;) I asked Andy if he'd want to go back, and he said "Oh, absolutely!" Who wants to join us? :)