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25th birthday

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25 random and unexciting things that happened this weekend
*not in order*

1. Saw an antique shop on Chain Bridge Road that I absolutely must visit the next time I'm home and loaded with cash...
2. Sang so loud I got a sore throat
3. Got sung to by my brother & sis in law over Skype (it was already Dec. 11 there when we talked on Saturday)
4. Spent close to an hour carefully applying stickers to card stock
5. Listened to my husband scream several times during the Bears game
6. Woke up to a birthday text sent just after midnight - thanks Bilal!
7. Cried in the car because I was ashamed of myself
8. Cried in the car because I know I'm forgiven
9. Cried because I was laughing at Andy's joke about the Beach Boy who sings the part "Christmas comes this time each year" in this song (it's the lamest line ever and he doesn't even sing it, he just says it... so Andy made up a story about how it ended up being recorded that way and we all completely lost it)
10. Watched the Christmas light display on Collingwood Road
11. Stared at a star sculpture at the Crate & Barrel outlet and racked my brain trying to think of where I could put it in the house... but came up w/ nothing and chose to walk away from it
12. Felt like I was going to die after drinking my free birthday drink at Caribou (large dark choc. mocha)
13. Felt like I had died and gone to heaven during my birthday dinner at Carlyle in Shirlington
14. Was kissed under the mistletoe (multiple times)
15. Wore my grandmother's ring
16. Watched the dogs play
17. Remembered these videos I put on youtube:

18. Assumed my mom didn't have a bedtime gift (tradition) for me because I wasn't planning on staying over Sunday night, but then I changed my mine and stayed and she had a present waiting :)
19. Started this blog post and got distracted
20. Saw "The Descendants" with my momma
21. Bought some Christmas ornaments with the intention to give them as gifts.... but I might keep them
22. May have gotten some cavities from all the chocolate I consumed
23. Hugged some wonderful old friends (love you LA and Zebs!)
24. Looked through old photographs
25. Felt incredibly blessed