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if you haven't heard my
"take your dog to work day" story,
read it at the bottom of this post

so on Monday I took back my two week's notice. I'm going to continue working here until Andy and I know more about our future. Things are hazier than we expected. On the spot for tomorrow my calendar reads "LAST DAY" in big letters. Crossed out.

I got accused of "just wanting a going away party."
That's my coworkers way of saying they're glad I'm staying.

then I got an e-mail from a friend saying he saw a position opened up at the newspaper and he wanted to know if I recommended it.

"actually...that's my job. but I took my job back."

aaaand then today I found out that my position was being advertised as 28 hours a week. I currently work 33. Starting next week I'm not allowed to work over 28/week. Hmmm.

It's a blessing in many ways, though. More time w/ the pup. More time to clean (I've been slacking). More time with friends. More time to SERVE (one of my resolutions).

ALSO. I had a voicemail at work today that said, "I feel terrible. I've never been groped or officially harassed by Herman Caine."
that was it.
this is what my job is. listening to a bunch of crazies.

........... okay. here is what happened on "take your dog to work" day:
Casey HATED the office. She freaked out when her paws hit the linoleum floors. Her tail was between her legs the whole time. :(
I decided to take her outside and she did her business and seemed much happier. We went back to the newsroom and I let her off the leash to explore. When I went to check on her, guess what I found?
She had pooed right in front of the managing editor's office. It was not a small poo.
thank goodness he wasn't in his office...
I had to page the janitor and I felt SO bad. I took care of the poo and he worked magic on the carpet.
My coworkers were DYING. They thought it was the funniest thing ever.
When the editor came back he asked what the spot was in front of his office. My editor said, "Oh, one of the dogs had a little accident, but it's all cleaned up."

I just hope he never searches my name on Google and finds this post and realizes it was MY dog and it was NOT a little accident.