Laura Rennie

2011 gift guide

Laura R.Comment
santa was at the mall on friday night. whaaaaat?
guess it's that time of year...

for the book lovers

any of the Penguin Classics books make a great gift
I'm especially in love w/ these book covers
(but I'm a bit ashamed to admit I haven't read any of these yet)
black beauty is from the thread collection, the three musketeers is from the graphics collection
and oliver twist is from the hardcover classics collection

A subscription to The New Yorker isn't cheap,
that's all I have to say.

these funny monster bookmarks are an easy craft
that wouldn't take much money to make.

for the coffee lovers
if the coffee lover in your love doesn't have a coffee grinder,
this little guy will change his/her life.

I love these Starbucks classic mugs - you can buy
a tall, grande or venti - or, be like me and buy all three (for yourself)
-I bought mine at Starbucks, but not all stores carry the same merch-
trader joe's chocolate covered espresso beans are outta control

for the fashionistas

this "saddle blanket" infinity scarf may be
from the juniors section at Nordstrom, but
no one has to know!
wouldn't this look HOT with a leather jacket
or a pea coat?
jewelry is a TERRIBLE gift idea if you don't
really know the taste of the recipient.
but this simple kate spade bangle would go with everything -
and come on, it's kate spade! it's an expensive-looking
gift that someone can wear every day
this sweet headband is only $10
I bought it for Chicago (you can see me wearing it
on the second to last pic in this post)
you could buy it for your lil sis or your big sis!

for the stylin' guys
this inexpensive, no-frills Timex is a classic for a reason!

these Legend of Zelda cuff links crack me up.
the etsy shop has tons of funky options to fit your guy's personality
(I'm also digging "the dharma initiative" links)
this wooden iphone case is SICK

for the next Food Network stars
grate cheese over soups, salads and entrees like a pro
with this restaurant-style rotary grater

this food pod keeps eggs/pasta/seafood/etc all together
for easy draining
plus, it's super fun to look at
presentation is key - and this stinkin' adorable
porcelain "basket" (aka pretend
berry basket) would be a piece the recipient would
want to use again and again