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this is what comes up when you google "sick"
well played, Interweb.

I don't know what is spreading around but I do know this - I don't like it. GO AWAY GERMS. On Tuesday it was a sore throat and thousands of unproductive nose-blowing. On Wednesday it was both of those, only amped up, PLUS a fever. Ramen + hot sauce and chex mix, pretzels, saltines, toast, Italian bread, chocolate covered raisins and watered down cranberry juice seemed to help. I woke up Thursday morning with a fever but HEY-O, I had LOST weight. Then I had no appetite and hardly ate anything and then I was pretty much the guy in that pic all afternoon...  then the fever broke but the sinus headache came on strong. Today I woke up feeling much better than yesterday but still exhausted and headachy and fuzzy.

the moral of the story is STAY AWAY FROM ME (or end up like this)