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guide to Harrisonburg: where to stay

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after reading Jo's guide to NYC over at A Cup of Jo, I've decided to share my version of a condensed guide to Harrisonburg/surrounding areas (as in, I'll be featuring a few attractions per post). Harrisonburg is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and is home to James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University. We have gorgeous parks, a vibrant downtown (it just keeps getting better and better) and a friendly, diverse population. I love it here and hope you visit!

First off, where to stay...

BEST IF YOU'RE ON A BUDGET - the guest house at Eastern Mennonite University

Anyone can stay at the guest house - you don't have to be affiliated with the university. It boasts several bedrooms, but guests might have to share bathrooms. Still, it's cheap, air-conditioned and very nice inside (according to a friend of mine).

location- north end of Harrisonburg (5 minutes from downtown, 10 from JMU)
cost- $27.50 + $5 service fee for one bedroom (booking additional bedrooms costs more, but it's still inexpensive compared to a hotel.)

BEST LOCATION + DINING - The Joshua Wilton House

The Joshua Wilton House is an extremely popular destination, not only for it's accommodations but also for it's dining. A gourmet breakfast is included in the cost of a room - lucky guests! And, if you do decide to stay at the JW House, make sure to take advantage of the pre-theater dinner special.

location - downtown Harrisonburg (minutes from JMU)
cost- $145-160, though corporate rates are available.

BEST FOR A WEEKEND GETAWAY - Bridgewater Inn  & Cottage

Two suites are available here, and both have a private entrance, kitchen area and a sitting area. The Inn Suite accommodates up to six people and the Cottage Suite up to four. The suites are so cozy! There are so many great amenities included - it's obvious that the owners care about the comfort of their guests. While this inn ISN'T in Harrisonburg, it's close enough (and appealing enough) to include in the guide.

Location - downtown Bridgewater - a pleasant 10 minute drive from Harrisonburg
Cost -'s complicated. Details here.

check back tomorrow for where to play!