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guide to Harrisonburg: where to shop (part 1)

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we may not have an Anthropologie or Crate & Barrel, but other than the disappearance of our Gap Outlet, Harrisonburg's shopping scene continues to improve.

where to shop...part one (outside of town)

BEST - The Cottage in Dayton (yep, it's simply the best.)

the Cottage used to be a bank - they use the vault for storage
just the other day a friend of mine pulled me aside and said "girl, will you take me to The Cottage?" I'm becoming the girl that takes people to The Cottage. seriously, I've taken at least eight friends to this shop because I LOVE IT that much. it's a home decor shop w/ a TON to look at. the owners are super sweet. they know me by name now and the last time I went in they asked me if there were any updates on Andy's job situation. Presh! Dayton is only minutes away from H'burg. 

BEST FOR COOKING/BAKING INSPIRATION - Kitchenwares and More and The Cheese Shoppe at the Dayton Farmer's Market

bulk items @ the cheese shoppe
This market is one big warehouse type building with lots of shops inside. Many of the shops have merchandise that wouldn't appeal to our generation, but I love browsing all of the gadgets at Kitchenwares and More and the dried goods at The Cheese Shoppe (they have they most amazing macaroon mix... all you do is add water and I like to dip them in melted chocolate). 

BEST FOR BOOKWORMS - the Green Valley Book Fair in Mount Crawford

How to describe the Green Valley Book Fair... it's a huge warehouse full of books - all different genres, all age levels - and most of them are under $6. So basically, it's a book lover's dream. It's the TJ Maxx of books. I always go with a set amount of cash to spend, and every time I go I have to constantly thumb through my stack and agonize over which of them to buy and which to put back. I went yesterday and bought "The Postmistress" and "The Grace Awakening" for myself and a few others to give as Christmas gifts. Mount Crawford is about 10 minutes from town.

check back tomorrow for part two of "where to shop."
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