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the day I quit my job

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It's true. On Monday the 14th I'll wake up and not have to go to work. Why you ask?

Because I'll need the last few weeks in November to pack OUR ENTIRE HOUSE! We don't know exactly where we're moving to yet, but we do know that it will be in the Warrenton or Culpeper area. 

Back in August I explained why Andy and I chose to live apart for a bit and how this move might end up happening. My bosses weren't too surprised (but obviously not too pleased either). They had also known that this was always a possibility. It's frustrating, because we thought we'd only be living apart for one month and that become two and then three... and the wait was all because we wanted to stay in Harrisonburg. (but you might remember that the wait wasn't ALL bad...)

I was so thrilled when I got the job back in late January. I'm bummed to leave! I'll write more about that on my "last day of work" post.

I've seen one place so far, and it was in Culpeper overlooking the dumpster behind Food Lion. No thanks.
On Tuesday I'll venture up to Warrenton to see a house, and *hopefully* love it and get it and live in it. We shall see...

I can't believe we're leaving Harrisonburg. This news has been overwhelming and disappointing and confusing and stressful and exhausting. 
My sister and I were chatting on the phone yesterday and she said something to me that made me start quietly sobbing as I was driving back from Culpeper. 
She said, "I'm glad that you are so sad to be leaving Harrisonburg. That shows that you invested in relationships there and that you got involved and that you made great friends."
Isn't that beautiful? She captured it perfectly - the reason why it's painful is the same reason it's joyful.

God gives, and He takes away. And then He gives again. I know what it is to be content with my portion, and I know that this move is not a surprise to God. I was going to simply type this verse out, but how beautiful is this stamped piece of art