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chicago - part 1

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what's up with my blog posts having more than one part?

well... I'm exhausted. I hardly slept last week, which was random and miserable, and now I'm playing catch-up and I think I'm getting a cold. So, bear with me here.

All of our Chicago pics are on my friend's camera, so part 2 will have our pics. here's one to tide you over (thanks Wikipedia)

Since I'm a) tired and b) sick, I'm gonna go with a rundown of events. First off, we went to Chicago b/c our friends George and Jenny invited us to join them. They told us of a sweet hotel+football tickets deal, and because we love them and love the Bears, we just had to do it!

- arrived to Chicago in the morning and met our friends George and Jenny at the airport (we got an incredible view of the skyline from the air - my favorite part about flying)
- took the L into the city and then walked to our hotel (I don't remember anything about this part other than chatting with Jenny the whole time and being annoyed by the wheels of my carry-on bag)
- walked to the aquarium and took in the gorgeous views of Lake Michigan + the skyline
- ordered Chicago-style hot dogs (YUM) and discussed whether or not we should pay more money so we could skip the incredibly long line outside the aquarium
- I walked back to the hotel with Jenny to purchase discounted VIP tickets while the boys went to the shop at Soldier Field
- saw a dolphin show, a bunch of jellies and other fishies (including nemo)
- took the L to Navy Pier and kissed my hubs at the top of the ferris wheel
- stuffed our faces at Giordano's- we got pepperoni+sausage and it was scrumptious

- decided to have a little breakfast date at Yolk (George and Jenny went too, but we sat at different tables). b/c I have to tell you what I ate b/c that's how I roll... I got the french toast w/ eggs and bacon. I didn't think I'd be able to eat a single bite because I drank a mocha while we waited for our table.
...I ate every single bite.
- took the bus to the museum of science + industry and had our minds blown by all the fascinating exhibits. My legs pretty much fell off while we were there so Andy and I didn't see the whole museum, but our favorite part was the baby chick hatchery. I loved seeing Andy's face light up when the chicks hobbled over to investigate his finger against the glass.
- Andy and I relaxed at the hotel while George and Jenny searched for a jersey for their little boy. They found a Devin Hester jersey for me at TJMaxx for $30 - thanks, Reids!
- enjoyed a free dinner at Tribute (part of our package), which we all expected to be sub-par b/c it's attached to the hotel.... but it was phenomenal! I'm pretty sure there were five entrees we could choose from and we also got a complimentary salad. We passed up the complimentary cocktail and dessert b/c we were so full! I was nervous that the fried chicken would be just okay, and who wants just okay fried chicken? So I ordered the burger. It was a great burger, but Andy got the chicken and it was probably the best fried chicken we'd ever tasted. I choked. (this is something on my hate list)
- walked to Soldier Field and had an absolute blast cheering on the Bears and witnessing a great game

man, it was good times. we're so blessed to have George and Jenny in our lives and we'll never forget that weekend in the windy city! we're already talking about next year - there's still so much to see!