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sweet obituary

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I cover the obit desk on Thursdays, and today I came across an especially sweet obit. I'm not including any names for privacy issues, but I just had to share some of it with you!

On Dec. 12, 19XX, he married B, the love of his life. S was so proud of their two daughters, K and S , and he enjoyed a close relationship with them. He loved to spend time with his family, and life without him will be difficult.

S is survived by a large and loving extended family, including many nieces and nephews...

He was a lifelong member of [church name]. S put his faith and trust in God.

S was kind, caring, and patient. He smiled and laughed often, and never lost touch with his inner child, which kept him always young. S. enjoyed many activities, including travel with his family.
What a wonderful tribute!