Laura Rennie

puttin' on my face

Laura R.1 Comment
First, I rub this all over my face and neck.

Then, I use a big ol kabuki brush to apply bare minerals foundation and mineral veil

I've had my NARS "outlaw" blush for... 4 years. Yea. I use it every day.
How is that even possible....
but I googled it and apparently it's OK to use blush for 4 years.

I loooove my Almay Bright Eyes cream eyeshadow.
The colors are lighter in person.
I also use this, and I dab the brush under the faucet
to turn the powder into cream.

Love the bright eyes eyeshadow, but it's really my Revlon eyelash curler that helps me to look awake.

and my Almay intense i-color mascara, which I think kicks Maybelline's butt.

I apply this in the car on the way to work... and then multiple times throughout the day.
It looks like a glue stick and people tease me about it.
worrrth it.


and there ya go.