Laura Rennie

the only good things about living apart

Laura R.1 Comment
1. you can have chex mix and chocolate milk for dinner
2. you can wear ratty pjs and not have the urge to say "sorry that I look so...ratty."
3. you have less laundry and dishes to clean
4. you can have as much stuff on the bathroom counters as you want - so much stuff that when your husband comes home he says, "it looks like three girls are living here."
5. this is the big one - you can sleep in ANY position that you want on ANY side of the bed that you want

I would give up all of those things (even number five) to live with my husband again. Really, nothing other than our AWESOME church, my job and our incredibly cheap rent is keeping us apart. But those are big factors. We love our life here.

Many people have been asking us when we're going to throw in the towel and say we've waited long enough. (We were supposed to know about the transfer by the end of August.) We don't have an answer for that. We're thankful that Andy has a job he loves. That my parents are taking such great care of him. That I have an incredible support system here. That our marriage is strong and that God is big. We're praying that a decision will be made soon... and that we can keep our home in Harrisonburg.

We wait.
We hope.
And we snuggle as much as we can when we're together.

blue're the secret I keep
cause blue eyes... I just wanna sing a song with you