Laura Rennie

goodbye, Thursday bun

Laura R.Comment
Let me explain.

Every Thursday since June I have been purchasing a savory bun from the Staff of Life vendor at the farmers market. Walking across the street to grab my bun is the highlight of my Thursday.

The vendor makes four kinds of savory buns, but he rotates his flavors and sells two each week (I've listed them from my favorite to least favorite) - three cheese and basil, pecorino cheese, sundried tomato (this one tastes like pizza), and white cheese and artichoke. They're all delicious and rich, but the artichoke one is so rich that it makes my tummy hurt.

Well, today marked the end of the Thursday market. Tear.
I contemplated buying all of the three cheese and basil to freeze at home, but I suppose I'll make Tuesdays be my new "bun day" instead. The Tuesday market will run 'til Thanksgiving.

I've tried to buy a bun and save it for later, but it's impossible. They smell (and look) amazing. The crunch from the crusty top is super satisfying, but it's a thin crunch that gives way to incredibly moist and spongey cheesy goodness. Oh my gosh. Just writing about it is making me hungry. Are you hungry? If you go to the market on Saturdays, beware- the buns sell fast. Go early. They will BLOW YOUR MIND.

How long 'til Tuesday?