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weekend delights

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friends, my brother is getting married NEXT WEEK. !!!!! Check out Sky and John-Michael's wedding website and learn how they met and how he proposed... it's way too cute.

some of my fav. Christian songs right now: Motions of Mercy, Waiting Here For You, and Your Great Name.

We're in Springfield right now and there's something about being at my parent's house that makes me feel like I'm on vacation. It doesn't hurt that my mom treated me and my sister to a pedicure yesterday.

We had a version of this Korean dish  for dinner last night. Sky's mom provided most of the ingredients and we had others on hand (my dad has been taking kimchi to work). It was Andy's first Korean meal since we ate at a super fancy Korean restaurant in London, and he devoured it.

Sky came over yesterday afternoon and we helped her make tiny flags for namecards. I'm amazed at how natural she is with our family.

tomorrow Andy starts his new job! not living together is going to be tough, but we're both in agreement that weekends will consist of nothing but snuggles (and eating).

hope your weekend was delightful!
--check out this neat video of one guy-eleven countries-one minute--

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.