Laura Rennie

some of my favs from pinterest

Laura R.Comment
ahhhh. well done, boston interiors.
hey dad, want to build this for me?
if you had a sturdy dresser to start w/ and could anchor
the shelves to the wall, it might be a do-able project.

I have a thing for hedgehogs (not real ones).
Maybe it's because I played Sonic 1,393,590 times as a child.
this little guy (or gal) is from etsy, of course.

this goofy pillow cover has already sold out -
and I'm not surprised.
I don't think I'd actually use it in my own home, 
but just looking at it makes me smile.

I love everything about this outfit. I have never owned a skirt this length-
and now I'm tempted to start looking for one.
 Leave it to the sartorialist to discover
this lovely lady.

I love these lightbulb vases for a summer/fall wedding or 
a garden party

not on pinterest? you're gonna need to get on that - and then we can follow each other's pins.