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more happy weekendings - (read the ones I wrote this morning here)

-- dining at Present Vietnamese restaurant w/ the fam. My brother order the appetizers for us and recommended entrees - he did this in Korea and it was so fun to have an "experienced" diner w/ us. The more I sat there the more I KNEW I had read a review of the restaurant in the Washington Post Magazine, so of course I have to link to it. I would kill to dine with Tom Sietsema.
The menu at Present is hysterical - as mentioned in this article on the restaurant:

"the whole serene concept took a left turn when I started reading some of the dish descriptions, which are written in both English and Vietnamese and which carry an extra, fable-like name. I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud at such anthropomorphic names as "Pig and Friends Crepes" and "Resting Steer on Haystack." Yeah, that creature is resting all right." - Tim Carman from Washington City Paper (from here)

We had the spring rolls and Treasure From the Sea appetizer. My parents and I had the Country Banquet Vermicelli, John-Michael got Cow on the Open Field and Andy ordered the Pilgrim on the Beach. I think Sky got Shrimp in the Fresh Ocean but I'm not sure. Everything was incredible - super fresh and flavorful. Yum. If you're in NOVA and you're an open-minded eater - go to Presents.

-- getting a necklace from Sky. I complimented her on her necklace (a sweet itty bitty heart on a thin gold chain) and she told me that when she put it on this morning she thought to herself, I bet Laura would like this. She took it off her neck and handed it to me. I was so touched! I thanked her and then said, "I really like your dress, too." She laughed and pretended to take it off and hand it to me. Yup. I like her.

-- Sweetzels Spiced Mini Cremes. I was craving fall this morning before church and then Andy went and had a chai latte at church, which made me crave fall even MORE and then at the grocery store I saw these:

cue the Hallelujah Chorus. these things are GOOD. in fact, Sweetzels cookies are so beloved they have their own Facebook page. 

-- having things to look forward to, especially since Andy isn't here w/ me and I won't see him 'til the weekend. I've got an episode of Project Runway and Design Star to watch, a Netflix movie, an INCREDIBLE book ("Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger), an Old Navy coupon and a pantry and a closet that need cleaning out.