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mari makes, and makes and makes...and it's all amazing.

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why hello, gorgeous new Blog Around the Corner.
It's so nice to meet you.

clearly this blog has been in desperate need of a makeover for the last month. I fiddled around on photoshop, using all sorts of wallpaper and fabric swatches and downloaded fonts, but every time I thought I had something, it would fall apart. It wouldn't look right on the site, or the text would be off, or the color... it was maddening. Enter Mari Fray Foster. How do I even know Mari? I'm not sure when we first met. We had mutual friends in high school through youth group. The last time I saw Mari was when we went on beach week together. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but since we're facebook friends and still have a close mutual friend, I've "kept in touch" w/ Mari through the years. She has the cutest name and the cutest hair and the cutest style and she had the cutest wedding. CLEARLY, the girl's got cute down. I read her blog, Mari Makes, and as I was reading it this morning it occurred to me that maybe I should ask Mari to make a banner for me.

So 8 hours ago, after 6 years of not communicating, I sent her a facebook message. I tried to explain to her my style as best as I could. I sent her a couple images of things I liked (including this playful chevron) and some different fonts I had already played around with. We messaged back and forth, and BAM. She nailed it on the first try. Mari, you made... my day. Haha.

Check out Mari's blog - she makes incredible jewelry and hair pieces, and I can tell that she's the kind of gal that thinks to herself "I bet I could make that" and then actually does. She even has a jewelry blog and an Etsy shop. She's such a sweetheart and I think she's working on my blog behind the scenes as I type.... hello? Mari? can you hear me in there? :)

(one of Mari's posts included a clip from the show "Portlandia." ohhhmygosh. hilarious. the show pokes fun at the granola types that we all think of when we think of Portland... what's so sad about the clip "put a bird on it" is that I'M THE PERSON WHO BUYS THOSE ITEMS. ahhhhh.)

kills me.

what do you think of the new look?