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let's discuss: breastfeeding.

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Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm not pregnant, I'm not a mom, what the heck do I care about breastfeeding?

The Manger, by Gertrude Käsebier
by the way, this post talks about BREASTS. so if you don't want to read that word, come back another day! It's OK if it makes you feel uncomfortable -  I personally get skeeved out when people talk about their breast feeding experiences in detail on social networking sites. At least this is slightly more private. But you know what? I think moms do need support, and moms need to rally around one another, so social network away you bunch of breastfeeders, you! I'll just wrinkle my nose - slightly.

Back to boobage. I think breastfeeding is an incredibly sweet and loving connection between a mother and child, and I hopehopehopehope that I will be privileged enough to experience it. I have many friends who struggle with it, and it's frustrating and disappointing. I also have friends who have said, "you know what? I don't want to deal with it - I'm going with formula."

Do I think it's wrong to not breast feed? No. Do I wish moms would give it more of a shot? Yes. It just makes sense to me - if you can feed your child for FREE and provide natural nutrition, dooo itttt. If you can't, you can't, and I'm sorry!

I recently shared a post from A Cup of Jo on here, but I just couldn't help myself from sharing another -- I look forward to Motherhood Mondays each week, and this one didn't disappoint. Guess what?! It's about breastfeeding! Wahoo! It was a little freaky, because I checked A Cup of Jo around 7:40 p.m., but around 4:30 today my friend texted me saying that a lady was openly breastfeeding in a park. I wrote back and said I had just been thinking about writing a blog post on breastfeeding. And then I read Joanna's post. I love how open she is about it, and how excited she is to share her experiences with others. Then there's this post on breastfeeding - also great. A little risque- just to warn ya. And one more - this isn't a post, this is a whole blog devoted to breastfeeding!

I saw a LOT of breasts when I nannied for these adorable twins. Their mom was not shy. I love that about her. That's not me, though. I imagine I'll use a blanket or a nursing cover if I'm in public. I think breastfeeding super openly in public is fine, but it does make people uncomfortable and I think using a blanket is a nice compromise. Feed your baby. Don't flash your boobies to the world. They have some really cute tops out there for mommies.

OK, enough about breastfeeding for now. Feel free to ask me more about my take on it, or share your opinions/experiences!

(World Breastfeeding Week was August 1-7 and on their website there is a link to this horrific song, which apparently was played during a flash mob. This is TOO MUCH people.)