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jewelry dishes

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I have a plastic box w/ tiny compartments for my earrings, a miniature dress form (not my pic) for my necklaces and an old Victoria Secrets box for my bracelets. But if I'm looking for my favorite pieces of jewelry I know to look in one of two places - the white w/ gold trim lotus-shaped bowl by my bed or the small hand-painted bowl from Kazakhstan by the bathroom sink. Both are feminine and lovely, but most of all they are so daggone HANDY! I love being able to take off my earrings before my head hits the pillow, knowing that they won't roll on to the floor or get lost under a pile of books. Don't have a dish for your jewels? Here a few options:

Keep your rings on the handle and your baubles inside- from here

you'll never forget what you're supposed to use it for
 from here

I love the unique shell shape of this dish
from here

just like mine, only blue!
from here

oooo ahhhhh these bowls are SO gorgeous! keep one for yourself
and give the other to a friend.
from here