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- I haven't eaten an Altoid in years and I had one today. Ohhh yea...I don't like Altoids.

- the mini cupcakes at Shanks Bakery are OUT OF CONTROL and I had one yesterday and one today.

- working downtown is awesome because I'm so close to the restaurants and shops and the farmers market, but working downtown can be a big problem because I'm so close to the restaurants and shops and the farmers market. for example:: I'm only allowed to buy a roll from my favorite roll...maker? on Thursdays nights. he rotates the flavors and they're all delish but tomorrow they are going to have my favorite - it has pecorino cheese in it and it's diviiiine.

- I talk about eating a lot.

- I realized today that whenever I think or say the word "correction," in my head I'm saying it like Rafiki in Lion King when Simba says, "You knew my father?" and Rafiki says, "Correction - I know your father."

- the best part of my day was when I started walking past the guest room after talking to Andy in his office, doing a double take, and seeing that the guest bed was clear of piles of empty suitcases and piles of clean laundry that got wrinkly from being folded too long and needed to be fluffed. OMG. The room was immaculate. I cautiously asked, "where did you put all the stuff?" and he said he put away the suitcases and then did all of the laundry AND put it away! THAT is romance, ladies. ;)

- we're about to head to kent and kelly's for dinner and we're pretty pumped because we haven't hung out with both of them since the beach. the reason I'm not 100% pumped is because I'm supposed to bring a salad and instead of putting together something creative and delicious, I'm bringing the bag of iceberg lettuce that was leftover from Bible study last night. At least it has shredded carrots in it. Still. I'm sorry.

- ohmygosh I almost forgot-- the second best thing that happened today was when I put on my treasured Seven For All Mankind jeans and THEY FIT. I got them freshman year of college and haven't worn them since 2008. They are soooo comfortable and I may just live in them for the rest of summer. I literally leapt around the room singing "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story.