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they are my favorites

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thomas bagel thin everything bagel (sure - it's not a real bagel. but it's still great.)
pacific brand roasted red pepper and tomato soup topped w/ a handful of hot and spicy cheez-its.
chocolate covered raisins

covergirl lipslicks in "daring." covergirl sales were probably through the roof this weekend thanks to this.

realizing yesterday morning that I was wearing denim flats with a pair of jeans AND uniquely shaped hoop earrings, both of which are featured as trends to try in August's Real Simple magazine

Essie polish- toes are currently painted in "watermelon"

I walked into CVS with no coupons, yet still saved $33.65 total on two purchases - I spent $36.13 total. mwahaha. it felt good. Most everything was already on sale or gave you ExtraCare bucks (ECB), so I split my items into two purchases and used all the ECB on my second purchase and not only spent only $3.26 on Crest toothpaste, Skintimate shaving cream, the covergirl lipslicks and 3 sponges -- I ALSO got another $2 ECB.

(the other $32.87 was spent on 5 boxes of Kleenex, 3 Brita filters, a twin pack of Optifree contact solution and more Crest. I'm a ECB ninja.)

OH, by the way- if you have an CVS card and don't use the in-store coupon center for coupons, you are missing out. you can scan your card as many times as you want and sometimes you get more coupons -- I always get two printouts of coupons. it's like Christmas. Depending on who your cashier is, you might get money off a purchase even if you didn't buy the exact product specified on the coupon.