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I had the wildiest work day yesterday. I had three interviews all over town, didn't have time to eat, had a headache, was super stressed... but, at the first interview I had a family insist I ride their zip-line before I left (it was legit- and awesome), at the second I received the most stunning flower I've ever seen (from the woman's garden), and at the third I was told by a twelve year old that he was a crack baby, and that the hardest part about having foster siblings was worrying about how he could potentially say or do something that would "mess up their life." THEN, right before I left, I was telling his mom that I was about to have a date with my husband and that we were going to talk about my job situation and whether or not I should go full time. She hugged me and out of the blue asked if she could pray over me. She prayed for the date and for easy conversation. She prayed we would have wisdom and peace. Mind you, I had never met this woman before.

I wept the entire way home. Who am I that You are mindful of me? (Psalm 8:4)
Forget the fact I was dead tired. Forget that my stomach had been growling for hours and that I was completely dehydrated and headachy. Forget that I worked a 9 hour day and was on the road for almost 2 of those hours.

God cares enough about little old me to put these kind of people into my life. He knew that riding that zip-line would put a smile on my face. He knew that an unexpected gift would touch my heart. He knew that a child's honesty would tug on my heartstrings, and that the powerful prayer of a stranger would be yet another confirmation that despite all of the evil and sadness in the world, there is GOOD at work.

Andy and I had a wonderful date. We did a wine tasting at Wine on Water, browsed the new toy shop downtown and had a blast flirting and teasing each other over dinner at Dave's. We decided that I should take on the temporary full-time hours (temporary as in I'll be working 40 hours through December, but not receiving any benefits). We'll see what happens. Life is only going to get crazier, it seems, but we have an incredible God looking out for us.