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what's in my beach bag

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I really wish this Land's End bag was still for sale. I like this one in navy (on sale!!) Technically there isn't anything in my beach bag yet, but there will be on Saturday! We're heading to the OBX with 5 other couples and we are all sooooo ready for a vacation.

I haven't bought a beach bag in years, so I'll probably use a cloth bag that was my Grandma's - it's super old and weird and charming and looks like something she probably picked up while traveling. I'd take a pic but I stiiiiill haven't found my camera charger. Erg.

Here's what said bag will most likely hold::

hair tie and clip
straw hat
at least one book, depending on how far along I am in one
a magazine
lip balm
ziploc bag (it will first be holding all my small items, then some shells might take over)
notebook and pen
ipod + earbuds

guess what ya'll.... I got my cover up from DEB. I know. So embarrassing. I searched all over town for a cute bikini top and a cover up that actually fit. I was walking through the mall and saw DEB and I thought, I have to at least look. I haven't been inside of a DEB since I was thirteen - in fact, that was the one and only time I was in one... until a few weeks ago.

In case you're not aware, DEB is a teeny-bopper store. High school girls can get away with wearing stuff from there...maybe even girls in early college. 24 and married? Let me tell you. It was really awkward. 

Still, I did spot a bikini top and cover up I liked. I'm probably going to return the top (I actually found a winner at Wal-Mart of all places- it's not online, or I'd show you), but I'm keeping the cover up. It was $10! I got it in pink and I think it's pretty adorable... even if it only covers up one half of me.

I can't wait to get sand between my toes and run into the ocean. I'm ready to wake up and have coffee on the porch, spend all day in the sun, reading and chatting away... I'm ready to hot tub it up at night and do crosswords and play games and grow in my friendships and have a cute beach date w/ my guy. I'm ready to GO people! See you in a week and a half!