Laura Rennie

we're baaaack

Laura R.Comment
and while we were gone our refrigerator broke.


we spent the past week w/ five other couples at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. we rented a wonderful house and had a great time playing games, reading, puzzling, swimming, hot-tubbing, sand castle building, fourth meal-ing (late night Taco Bell) and enjoying each other's company.

andy and I had a cute breakfast date at The Dunes restaurant one morning, but I sadly lost all of my breakfast not long after I consumed it. I'm blaming it partly on the fact that the food was sugary and fried, but mostly on the sign outside the restaurant that read "In 27 years we've served over 8 million eggs." It makes me turn green just thinking about it.

then on our way back to the house we passed a restaurant called "Stack 'Em High Pancakes" that had a sign that read "Pancakes and So Forth."

I still can't decide which sign bothers me more.

andy drove home with our friends kevin and jackie, while I drove up to NOVA to spend the night and pick up our pooch, who was staying at my parent's house. I had a delicious dinner at Mike's w/ my friend Becca, who now lives in Boston but was also visiting her parents in Springfield. Today we went to my grandpa's house (he passed away January 2010, but his wife Barbara still lives there) and cooked out by the pool with a handful of relatives on the Becker side of the family.

poor andy came home to discover that our fridge had broken and everything was rotten and the house smelled awful AND we got ants. ew ew ew ew ew. nothing like coming home from vacation to a house that is falling apart.

thank goodness for taco bell and friday night lights on hulu.