Laura Rennie

remedies for a bad day

Laura R.Comment
tuna sub w/ lots of crunchy lettuce

sweet phone call from andy

unexpected $5 off purchase coupon at CVS

a new crossword book

triple chocolate cheesecake from cheesecake factory (at Barnes and Noble)

an intriguing story ("The Piano Teacher")

encouraging and complimentary facebook posts

a house that isn't as stinky as it was yesterday

clean house (er, main floor)



anticipating a "bachelorette" date w/ jackie (stop your judging. everyone has guilty pleasure shows.)

beach pictures ::
(thanks for letting me borrow your cover up AND for taking this pic, Amber!)

the incredible creation of our husbands
(notice the crop fields on the left, and the two tiny silos)
ten of us -- minus kevin and andy

before our breakfast date (I'm sporting my new Imani necklace)
our awesome beach house

left to right:
Jackie and Kevin, Rob and Shelley, Jeremy and Julie, Us, Kent and Kelly and Elliott and Amber

posing after putt-putt
I got second place! Shocking.