Laura Rennie

it is more blessed to give than receive

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In 2009 I read a book called "The Life You Can Save" by Peter Singer. I thought it was really fascinating and it opened my eyes up to the enormous needs that exist around the world. Singer takes a deep look into why some people don't give to charity while others do, and he concludes that people are more likely to contribute to a need if they see other people doing it. It might not be awkward for other people to "promote" their actions, but it's awkward for me! I'll do it in the name of charity, though, so here goes: 

I get my paycheck every two weeks and the best part of it is remembering that each paycheck provides an opportunity to bless others through tithing. We use Andy's income to tithe to our church and to support our missionary friends, and we both agreed that my income could go towards charities of my choice. I get excited about tithing in general because of the joy that comes through giving and through the many blessings we've received due to being faithful givers.

I finally purchased an Imani necklace (remember, I wrote about wanting one here), and I can't wait to see it in person! Many of my friends own one (or two, or three), so I already know that they're gorgeous in person.

I'm getting the necklace pictured above. It's called "Huru," which means free. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or if I will give it as a gift, but either way it's fun to know that the purchase is making it possible for women at the counseling center to receive medical help and schooling for their children.

I also made a donation to The Hunger Project, which has a really inspiring mission statement and list of principles.

Here is a list of charities that were reviewed and approved by GiveWell. Even if you don't share my religious beliefs, I implore you to consider setting aside a portion of your income to give to people in need.