Laura Rennie

finally, a new meal in the rennie house!

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photo courtesy of Kana Okada

chicken + red pepper + coconut rice, + a side of cumin flavored black beans 

Mmmm thank goodness for new beginnings.
It's easy for me to get in a cooking rut. I either make the same things over and over again because they're met with success (chili 3x in two weeks - per my husband's request) or I decide we should eat out of the pantry/freezer and throw together something fast without stretching myself creatively.
We had our friend Kristen over for dinner last night and I was more than ready to try out a new recipe. I looked at what we had on hand and we had everything for this meal from Real Simple except for coconut milk.

Kristen said she would be my sous chef, but really she did the most work - she cooked the chicken to perfection. We didn't have any garlic (very upsetting) so we used garlic powder on the chicken and also added a few dashes to the black beans. To get some green on the plate I added steamed broccoli as the peppers (I used orange) and last few pieces of chicken were cooking, and both veggies took on amazing flavor from the salty/peppery/garlicky olive oil that remained in the pan.

fast, easy and super flavorful. just don't forget about your black beans, like I ALWAYS do. they were half refried by the time I remembered them, but they were still yummy.