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charlottesville craigslist finds

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I haven't bought anything from Craigslist yet, but I'm always looking. I found the PERFECT kitchen cart but had nowhere to put it. I also found the most amaaaazing antique bookcase that beautiful glass doors, but I stalled for too long. I long for that bookcase.

Here are some funky finds I came across on the Charlottesville Craigslist:
This dresser needs some love. I can see the handles and middle divider painted
a chocolate brown (like it is now, just darker) and the rest painted white.
 I would use this as a TV stand - it's got a great nerd factor to it.
this antique dresser has a LOT of character.
it would look great with a bright yellow lamp on top.
leave them as is, or paint them white
and they would look completely amazing set into
a pantry space to look like built in cabinets
(um, wow. I googled my idea and saw this. perfection.)
These cane chairs are simply adorable. They look like they're in
great condition, but some bright white paint or even something unexpected
like navy or aubergine would make these chairs pop. 
this sofa is bananas. strip it of that wrinkled faux-leather (that's what
it looks like to me), add extra padding and cover it with a charcoal grey fabric
and bam - perfect bachelor pad sofa

a lot of these finds look like they could be on "Secrets of a Stylist"
on HGTV, but this one reaaaally screams of Emily Henderson.
Am I crazy to suggest a pattern for the back of the chair?