Laura Rennie

without him here

Laura R.Comment
The house is so quiet when Andy isn't here. I don't hear the coffee maker or the sound of him banging around in his closet. I don't hear him screaming at his computer (losing sports or Starcraft) or the freaky sword noises that comes from his ipod when he plays games in the bathroom (hehe). I don't hear "I love you" or "I wield you" or "I will nyit" or "you are my favorite" (boys and their languages).

Having Andy home and not being with him is SO different than not having Andy home and not being with him. When he's here and we're doing our own thing, I often will stop whatever I'm doing because I'd rather be doing something with him. Now I don't have a choice. He left for a wedding in Florida on Tuesday and will be home at some point on Monday. He gets to see lots of his buddies and make all the noise he wants (it's going to be so loud in Tampa this week).

I'm enjoying the quiet. I'm enjoying watching my girly shows, reading on the deck with Casey, blasting girly music whenever I want and making up incredibly embarrassing dance moves, putting off laundry and dishes and dog hair because I can, making cereal for my meals and not feeling guilty... it's so, so good to be together, but it's nice to just be with myself and miss him and think of how much fun he is having.

Tomorrow after work I will make the house shine. I will have it all ready so that if he gets back before me (I'm going to the cabin Sunday-Monday) he will be able to step through the door and be at home. 

Until then, I'm treating this house like a bachelor pad. Sweatpants and ice cream and dirty socks galore.