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spaghetti cat

Laura R.Comment
have you seen Spaghetti Cat? google it. absurdity.

so, Andy and I have decided to start saying "Spaghetti Cat" instead of using bad language (to us, bad language is saying "what the eff?"), or even when we are experiencing frustration or ridiculousness and can't phrase what we're feeling. "Spaghetti Cat" just says it all. Plus, if I'm tempted to say a bad word, forcing my mind to transition helps me to recognize sinful habits and also puts my focus on something silly instead of something negative.

we went to Winchester on Saturday night to see Andy's adorable fam and decided to get Checkers before hitting the road. we leeeerve Checkers. obsessed. guess what? it's all boarded up. you've got to be kidding me. SPAGHETTI CAT.

the trash can that resides a few feet from my desk is about a foot to the left of where it normally is located. sure, I could move it. instead, I just get angry/giggly every time I toss a tissue or wrapper over and it lands on the floor instead of in the can. SPAGHETTI CAT.

okay, get this...
I've caught myself unbuttoning my pants at work while still on the way to the bathroom. AAAHHHH spaghetti cat!!!!!