Laura Rennie

quick and easy chicken and sausage w/ cream sauce

Laura R.Comment
I've discovered my next "must make for company" meal.

I'm not much of a recipe follower, so this is purely Laura-made Laura-eyeballed, so I apologize for those of you who get nervous and break out in a sweat when you see the words "smidge" or "pinch" or "to taste."

spicy chicken and sausage over pasta w/ cream sauce (serves 6)

-package of hot links (we used Hillshire Farms- from the bargain meat section), cut into bite-size pieces
-3 chicken breasts
-salt and pepper
-heavy cream
-half of an onion, chopped
-half of a red, yellow or orange pepper (I used orange), chopped
-parmesan cheese
-pasta (I used linguine)

toss the hot links and chicken breasts into a crockpot. add salt and pepper (I use grinders and probably did four turns of pepper and three of salt, cuz we're pepper lovers). I cooked the meat on low for about 7 hours, but you could do it on high for 4. Turn off the heat. Cook pasta. While pasta is cooking, get out a large skillet and cook the onion and pepper until tender. While they're cooking, tear up the cooked chicken into small chunks. Add the hot links and chicken to the skillet, and stir in heavy cream by the quarter-cup over medium heat. I probably used 3/4 of a cup. Add parmesan cheese and extra salt and pepper to taste, toss with pasta and serve.

most of the hot link chunks were blackened on the outside but super tender on the inside and not at all burnt-tasting. probably 3 of my little hot link chunks were dried out and inedible, but that's because I didn't put any liquid in the crockpot. I'll probably put the onion and orange pepper in the crockpot w/ the meat next time, but it turned out fine the way I did it. the chicken was insanely flavorful simply from chillin' w/ the hot links all day, and the cream sauce was so good that I thought about it for hours after I had eaten the meal. andy and I couldn't shut up about how good this meal was.