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I think we found a new tradition

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Last week at a bridal shower a friend suggested a cute way to keep the romance going in a marriage. You take two jars and each person writes down different things that would make them feel loved on slips of paper. The wife puts her papers in her jar, and the husband puts his papers in his jar. then, each day or week or however often they choose, the husband picks from his wife's jar and so on and so forth... you get the idea.

I told Andy I'd like to do this for our anniversary. When I opened his letter (we opted out of cards this year-- my card was my blog post, he wrote me a very sweet letter), attached was a document with seven different things on it... seven different things that Andy was going to do for me to make me feel loved.

Well, he didn't quite get the whole jar idea, but he NAILED me! I would've written all but progressive dinner on my slips of paper, and the only reason I wouldn't have written progressive dinner is b/c we haven't done one in so long that I forgot about them!

- Andy dusts, vacuums and cleans while Laura watches a show, drinks tea or hot chocolate and relaxes (how cute is that?)
- Progressive dinner (appetizer at one restaurant, entree at another, dessert at a third)
- I can't put this one on my blog, but I can tell you he added "blinds closed, please!" haha :)
- Barnes and Noble date
- Andy makes a special dinner
- Take puppy to river/park, picnic, reading... whatever Laura wants
- Charlottesville date

A few of the ones I wrote for him included making gobs of chicken salad, going to the new Taco Bell when the building is completed and bringing him Sheetz on demand.

We're going to space out our "coupons" (I don't know what else to call them) and I am super excited about all of them. This will definitely become an anniversary tradition for us!