Laura Rennie

how sweet it is

Laura R.Comment

how sweet is is...

to have a cabin in the mountains.

to have a mom and dad who still hang on to my every word.

to go wading in the same part of the lake that I used to swim in as a little girl.

to watch my puppy leap into the lake and fetch sticks (and the occasional floating leaf)

to have chocolate and vanilla swirled ice cream at a place called "Twirly Top" (**note: we went to the Twirly Top when I was younger and I had NO idea that it was only fifteen minutes away from our cabin. I'm a little ticked, b/c that means YEARS of my life were spent right down the road and missing out on delicacies like fried soft pretzels and funnel cake sundaes)

to have finished anna karenina. finally.

to drive home to see your husband who has been gone for almost a week and run through the door expecting to run into his arms and then realize he is in the bathroom. ok, so that wasn't very sweet...

to fiiiinally get to smother Andy w/ hugs and kisses and be smothered back

to have a guy who missed me so much that he agreed to playing Scene It with me

mmmm I love long, lazy weekends. hope your Memorial Day weekend was just as sweet as mine!