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gift basket ideas

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I just got home from a beautiful bridal shower for my dear friend Jessica. It got me thinking about my favorite gift ideas, especially since it seems like everyone is either getting married or having a baby!

For baby showers
-- baby bath filled with bath toys, lotion, wash, washcloths, towel
-- stack of books tied up with ribbon (don't forget to write a note in them- I've forgotten before)
-- handmade coupons to babysit, cook, girls night, etc.
-- a small stuffed animal or toy for baby and then a bigger gift for mom (spa certificates are always appreciated)

For bridal showers
-- honeymoon basket (my favorite! this can go naughty, but really think about the bride and her personality. keep it simple and G-rated for your more modest friends with advil, travel size lotion and shave gel, a sleep mask, magazines, a big floppy hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc)
-- specific room basket (for family room, get a big blanket, a movie or two and a popcorn bowl-- I most recently gave a medicine cabinet box, which isn't super exciting but trust me, it'll come in handy)
-- a weekend bag (TJ Maxx usually has cute ones- I use mine constantly)
-- a book of recipes and a meal planner

For weddings
-- movie tickets
-- restaurant gift card
-- a cooler or insulated bag (fill with ice packs and maybe some fun outdoor dishes)
-- an appliance and something to go with it (pair a crockpot with crockpot recipes, pair a coffee maker with coffee and filters)

happy gifting!