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what I do, exactly

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"So what exactly do you do at the Daily News-Record?"  <--- I get asked that question a LOT, and I never know where to begin. My job title is "editorial assistant," but that doesn't really explain what I do, which includes

- receptionist duties (answer phone calls, transfer calls, put away mail, file newspapers, etc)
- Editorial assistant duties (edit letters to the editor, confirm letters with the people who submit them, pass them along to my editor)
- Features writer duties (come up with story ideas, interview people, make photo assignments, write the story) -- read my story in last week's Rocktown on tossing the toads in your life and finding your prince. Search my name in the search bar to read more stories published in Rocktown (there's only been a few). My stories published in the newspaper are only accessible if you have a subscription, but Rocktown is free.
- building permits and property transfers on Wednesdays (I have to go to the courthouse to do this... it's very cut and dry, but it's still nice to get out of the office and walk through downtown)
- obit desk duties on Thursday nights (receive obits and death notices, communicate with funeral homes, edit obituaries (grammar and punctuation), file obits, record weather for the day, put away the day's newspapers and file one paper in a big "folder" by punching three holes in the paper and putting it in like you would papers in a binder, except I have to do each punch individually and it's messy and often frustrating)

lots of duties. I usually keep pretty busy. I'm happy.  :)

thought I'd share with you my "on the way home from work" song. 

have you ever- brandi carlile

Have you ever wandered lonely through the woods?
And everything there feels just as it should
You're part of the life there
You're part of something good

If you've ever wandered lonely through the woods
if you've ever wandered lonely through the woods

Have you ever stared into a starry sky?
Lying on your back you're asking why
What's the purpose I wonder who am I
If you've ever stared into a starry sky
Have you ever stared into a starry sky

Have you ever been out walking in the snow?
Tried to get back to where you were before
You always end up not knowing where to go
If you've ever been out walking in the snow
If you'd ever been out walking you would know