Laura Rennie

a bowl of good for me

Laura R.Comment
there are lots of good eats in Harrisonburg, but today when my mom came to visit and take me out to lunch we decided to go somewhere we've never been before : A Bowl of Good. I had heard amazing things about it, but I was still blown away by how scrumptious it was.

I ordered the Tom Kha Gai bowl (Thai coconut chicken soup) and my mom ordered the Maharaja bowl (curried lentils over rice with organic yogurt and mango chutney). Our side of naan was hot and the perfect combo of crispy and chewy. The presentation of both of our dishes was stunning. My mom's dish was missing the rice and yogurt, but for some weird reason neither of us thought anything of it at the time and I only realized that just now....hmm. Well, it was still delicious and by far my favorite lentil dish.

My soup was perfection and the perfect remedy for the strange illness that has overtaken my body. I'm tempted to have it again for lunch tomorrow.