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my someday porch

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Ever since I stopped being such a huge sweatball (yes, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I used to sweat a LOT, and now my sweat is mostly normal), I've really enjoyed taking advantage of our back deck. It's not huge, but it's big enough for a lounge chair, a bistro set, a grill and our pup. Casey loves the deck as much as I do and we especially like hanging out there together. I'll settle down with a magazine and a snack and she'll settle down to watch the neighborhood cats.

As much as I love the deck, I hope to one day be the proud owner of a wraparound porch. Who doesn't love a wraparound porch?

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So what would I do with one? UM, porch swings! porch beds! rocking chairs! adirondecks! AH. so many options!

First, I'd definitely want a porch bed. I would love to be reading in a porch bed right now. I'm digging how rustic the frame is. Ideally the porch bed would be towards the back of the house for privacy and to allow more foot traffic at the front.
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My porch would also have a classic white porch swing. For some reason raw wood just screams SPLINTER to me, but white screams SIT DOWN AND RELAX (in a more calming voice). The swing would be just off of the porch steps, a perfect spot to sip lemonade and wait for the kids to come home from school.

from SimpleNest (also love the second to last pic)

some oversized lanterns.... I like them on stairs like they are pictured here

a biiiig weathered looking table for brunches and grilling out.

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an outdoor cabinet for storing pretty things

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and a lady-like tea cart

which would look rather cute in between these patio chairs.

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you're welcome to come visit any time.