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the million dollar baby boy

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I've been dying to do a baby nursery post for the loooongest time but have held myself back, mainly because I have my future child's nursery planned out in my head and I don't want to write about it until it can be a reality. SO... this is a mood board for an imaginary baby boy. While I obviously am a big fan of everything on the mood board, I purposefully chose to put together some expensive pieces (minus the submarine toy, which is $3) that I would never actually spend on a nursery myself. The Sparrow Crib was the first crib I ever fell in love with, but thankfully I've since started admiring a much more wallet-friendly option. YES I've looked at baby cribs before. I want babies! Not yet, but eventually!

Bear with me... I didn't take the time to get rid of the background part of the images, so it's not a very pretty mood board. What I like most about this nursery is that it's modern yet inviting. I also like that it's not a themed room. While the rug and basket look odd next to each other on the board, I don't envision the basket being placed on the rug.

First off, how ahhh-mazing is that rug??! Honestly, as much as I love that crib, if I could purchase anything off this mood board it would be the letterpress rug. It would work so well in a nursery but could easily be moved into an office or living space if desired. The artwork is like the rug in that it could easily be moved into a different room and is playful without screaming "baby!"

The crib would stay gray and I'd put a solid white organic waffle-weave blanket in to cover up baby and drape it over the end of the crib when not being used to soften up the gray. I'm personally not a crib bedding set person, so I would love to see that darling Dwell crib sheet shine on its own. Honestly, I want those crib sheets now.

I'd be tempted to paint the whale basket a light silvery gray just to add another layer of color without clashing with the strong mustard and orange in the rug. The submarine toy wasn't chosen because it ties in with the whale basket- I just liked how the colors matched the colors in the rug. Plus I love crocheted toys.

Aren't those knobs fun? I'd paint the top of the dresser a bright orange (maybe the "seams" too- I don't know what else to call them). If I was actually putting this dresser together, I'd try just putting two knobs on the top drawer and seeing how it looked before adding more to the other drawers.

I couldn't find a glider/rocker/chair that I liked enough to put on the mood board, but that striped pillow would be propped on one. I also didn't include curtains, but I think these West Elm tortoise curtains would be perfect.

Other colors would come in from stuffed animals, toys and books (LOTS of books).

the goods:
Sparrow Crib- Amazon
Squares crib sheet- DwellStudio
Letterpress rug- CB2
Whale basket- Pottery Barn Kids
Crochet submarine- Etsy
Robin Dresser- Mbeans
Yellow lucky number knob- Anthro
Red lucky number knob- Anthro
Navy and white striped pillow- Etsy
"Lofty View" artwork- World Market