Laura Rennie

wish list

Laura R.Comment
This weekend the following things on my to-do list need to be accomplished for sanity's sake:

- complete short and long promo for video editing project + design menu
- laundry
- clean upstairs bathroom
- vacuum basement
- clean master bedroom
- eat my vegetables (yes, this is on my to-do list)
- continue p90x

my wish list, however, reads:

- paint toenails
- get haircut
- clean out + organize master closet
- sit and read at Barnes and Noble
- bake banana nut muffins
- watch a movie

I'm sooo close to being done with my video editing project. I should have been done with it at least a month ago and the longer it takes the more frustrated I am at myself for not tackling it sooner. My plan is to knock out the rest of my work as soon as possible and then I will be back to working one job and I'll have LOTS more time to dedicate to housework and to me-time. Ahhh.