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they should call it p9OWx

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Yes, we have bought into the p90x craze. And yes, we are in pain. A lot of pain. Today is only day 3... so we will be in pain until the third week in June. Barf.

Why p90x? I gained 28 pounds after college. Wow, that was hard to write. I mentioned my weight struggle here, but didn't go into detail about how much I had actually gained. Weight is an extremely personal thing, and in the past year and a half I have often felt ashamed, defeated and ugly due to the changes in my body. I had hoped to lose all 28 pounds by last Dec. 11 (my birthday), but that did not happen. That's OK, though, because I HAVE lost 18 pounds and I am so super proud of myself!

The next ten are going to be tough to lose. Enter p90x. Andy had been wanting to gain muscle and get in shape to play in sports leagues. I had always wanted to work out together. Several of our friends have done the program and seen success, so we decided to "invest" in the DVDs. As exhausting as the workouts are, it's nice having each other for support. 

Here's how I lost 18 pounds-- 
The first twelve were lost after I joined and stuck to around 1250 calories a day. I jogged 2-3 miles six times a week on the elliptical and an additional mile or two walking on the treadmill. If I was jogging, I aimed for a 5 to 8 minute mile. If I was walking, I aimed for a 15-16 minute mile. I probably stuck to sparkpeople and the gym for a month and a half. Then my mom advised me to simply eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full. I blogged about this here. My gym membership ran out in early November and I haven't exercised a whole lot since then. So, six pounds were lost solely due to eating habits. 

I plan to share more about my weight and my experience w/ p90x, and I'll be filing them under the label "pd0x." I am reeeally unsure about putting up my "before" pics that we took on Wednesday when we started the program, but I'm thinking about it...  :)