Laura Rennie


Laura R.Comment

In January I took my friend Jess to The Cottage in Dayton and was planning on purchasing an old window that I'd had my eye on for some time. I wanted to really think about where I would put it and decided that it would look neat above our bed. Then I spotted this wall hanging (also at The Cottage) and was immediately torn between the two. It's obviously nothing like an old window. The window was weathered and would've made our room look more country-chic. The wall hanging (I don't know what else to call it) is more European-looking. I could NOT decide which to buy. The owners sweetly suggested that I take both home and bring back whichever one I didn't want (along with the price tag of the one I wanted to keep). 

Both looked good above the bed, but the window was too small to really make a statement. Andy and I both agreed we liked the wall hanging better.

While the wall hanging doesn't exactly "go" with our furniture (okay, it doesn't go at ALL with the furniture), it doesn't look bad, either. The huge blank wall behind our bed is now occupied and the room as a whole feels more complete. Plus, it does complement other pieces in our room:: our bedspread, a large piece of art and the mirror over my vanity.

We love it.