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garden-inspired decor

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I'm writing a story on garden-inspired decor and have been thinking a lot about what I would buy if I were wanting to bring the outdoors in this spring. All of these are items that I would actually consider purchasing myself.

I'm not including a rug because I already own several botanical rugs and would hopefully have the restraint not to buy more, and I'm not including a shower curtain because, once again, I don't need one.

I'm loving these ceramic birdhouses from West Elm.

Probably the most obvious place to go for garden-inspired decor is Pottery Barn. I've browsed their catalogues for years and I would say stripes and florals make up at least 80 percent of their stock. These bath towels are a steal and are so lovely.

These dessert plates catch my eye every time I'm in a Crate&Barrel store and I've owned them for two and a half years. They're so darn pretty! I own eight and will most likely only buy more if I choose to give a set as a gift.

So, my Crate&Barrel garden-inspired buy would have to be these herb planters. The one pictured is for basil, but they also carry a rosemary planter and a thyme planter.

Not sure I would ever use the reverse side of these botanical place mats, but for $1.99 each I wouldn't care!
I would also consider only buying one and putting it in the center of my table with a glass pitcher on top, making sure the pitcher was full of icy cold water and a sprig of rosemary. Mmm.