Laura Rennie

weekend at Snowshoe

Laura R.Comment
We are back from our incredible vacation at Snowshoe and we are exhausted. And sore.

What a trip. My parents and my sister (Katie) and her husband (Todd) met us on Sunday afternoon at our condo in the Village. Wow... what a VIEW. Our windows and deck looked out over an incredible mountain range and right below us was the Skidder (bunny slope). We jumped in our snow gear and headed outside for some snowmobiling. It was absolutely unreal. We've done some incredible things as a family, but this was a new one for all of us! We drove those babies alllll over the mountain.

On Monday we rented our equipment and tested out our skills on the Skidder slope. The trail map is an incredible maze of slope after slope... thank goodness my sister had skied at Snowshoe before and knew where to go. My husband, who had never been skiing before, completely took off. I hadn't skied since high school and was uncharacteristically nervous and shaky. I didn't remember having to try so hard to not topple over, but then again, the places I've skied have much wider and shorter slopes than Snowshoe. I lost my husband on the slopes and received one-on-one help from my sister, who coached me (and coaxed me) down several slopes. By the time I was reunited with Andy (who had walked down the mountain in his ski boots after a big tumble and no one knew where he was), I was feeling more confident. Apparently Andy was feeling more confident too. Despite being completely destroyed on his first run, he decided he wasn't going to be intimidated and ended up tearing up the slopes and advancing to blue on his first day out. GAH. Brat.

I took it easy. I don't know what has changed... I used to be so fearless. Blues on other mountains were a cinch! Psh... you couldn't have paid me to do a blue this trip. I was definitely more cautious this go around. I had a blast, though, and my confidence increased after every successful slope. After falling three times while skiing with my sister yesterday morning, it felt good to not fall once the rest of the day.

This morning my dad and I skied the greens again while Katie, Todd and Andy raced (and fell) down the blues. I'm so glad I didn't watch Andy ski. I'd probably throw up. I prayed so hard that no one would get hurt! Even though I was sore, I was able to relax more and test my limits. We skied through heavy rain and got completely soaked, but we had a blast. 

We enjoyed discussing the slopes (Hootenanny, Whistlepunk, Whiffle Tree, Powder Monkey, etc) and giggling at how ridiculous we sounded. We also enjoyed incredible food, incredible views and the incredible experience of skiing as a family!

I am so proud of my husband and hope we have more ski trips together in our future.
Now, sore and sleepy, we are wondering how on earth we are going to start P90x together. More to come on THAT decision...!!!